So I’m Thinking…

I couldn’t help my own marriage, but I have certainly learnt a lot of lessons that I think I could use to help others possibly encountering some of the issues I lived through.

So I am thinking…maybe in a year or so, when I am deeper into my journey of self-improvement…maybe a career change? Maybe counselling where I would be able to work for myself while helping people.

I like the sound of that.


For the future

I am getting quite into writing about what I have learned and reading things elsewhere…so here we go.

If you are experiencing a rough patch in your relationship be proactive and work on it

These are steps, that in hindsight, I could have taken to turn challenging circumstances into one that would have made us stronger:

1. Make time to talk about your relationship. Avoid talking about the issues, but rather whether or not you feel supported by one another.

2. Tell your partner she matters to you and you want to be happier together. This one is key, it isn’t “Me, Me, Me.” It’s WE.

3. Let them know how you feel when you are disconnected.

4. Avoid criticism, blame, defensiveness or shutting down. Rather share with her the ways in which you are struggling inside.

5. Ask her what they think will help your relationship and share with them your own thoughts.

The most important thing to remember is that your desire to be close to your partner is what will hold you together

Let them know about it before it’s too late.



I was just looking at my Facebook Activity Log and the quotes from Keith Sweat that I was ‘Liking’ since October.

The unconcious mind, surely. How wild. All the signs were there and were missed.

Realising things like this excites me. This self-improvement journey is going to be awesome.